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I see references to layers and layer administration. Why is that needed and how does it work?
Posted by Vic Uzumeri
Asked on January 25, 2015 6:26 pm

A layer is a virtual container for places and, by extension, events.

There are at least two reasons that layers are important:

1) Layers allow you to divide your places into useful collections and control when and how those collections are made visible.

Say that you have a conference and there are vendors and seminars. You can put them all on one map and let users pick them by category. At the same time, it might be even more useful if you could assign them as collections to separate maps. You might have one map that only shows vendor information, another than only shows program activity, and a third that shows both. Layers allow you to do this.

2) Layers can be turned on and off at will and can be moved from one base map (i.e., web URL) to another in seconds. When they are moved, they carry all of their places and events with them.

Say that you have a park where you stage different activities and gatherings. You have the permanent and recurring places and events on your basic public map. You build the places and events for next week’s clown fair on a second base map with a dedicated layer. When you are satisfied that the information is accurate, you can enable that layer on your public map. It all appears exactly as it did on your staging map.

Posted by Vic Uzumeri
Answered On January 25, 2015 6:35 pm